On a sunny Autumn morning, Saturday the 10th of September 2022 Laois PPN were delighted to host “Wonderful Wreaths with the Flower Witch”, an environmentally themed workshop led by Emily Lalor aka “The Flower Witch”

Using a selection of beautiful locally grown fresh and dried grasses, seed heads and flowers attendees created their very own, bespoke wreath to take home with them. These wreaths can last for months maybe even years making them environmentally friendly and sustainable.

A Laois native who has been surrounded by flowers her whole life Emily is passionate about the Environment and sustainability. She grows and dries her own flowers and grasses using no sprays or chemicals.  Emily’s arrangements take centre stage in a number of Laois Businesses.

Dan Bergin, Resource Work Laois PPN said: “This environmentally themed workshop show-cased Emily’s passion for the environment, sustainability and creativity. Attendees were inspired by Emily’s ethos how small individual choices can have a big benefit to our environment and the principles of sustainability while leaving with a wonderful individual creation.”

Emily Lalor said, “The autumn wreath workshops are a real celebration of harvest and the hard work it takes to grow, nurture and dry these flowers. It’s a long process, from planting tiny seeds back in the spring to harvesting and drying in the autumn. It’s totally worthwhile when I see each attendee receiving the same materials and each wreath turns out so beautifully unique” 

Emily provided teas coffees and sweet treats from her own café on the day.

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