Special Interest 


What is a Special Interest Group?

A Special Interest Group is a network of people who all share a common interest. For example, a Tourism Special Interest Group may consist of community organisations who are interested in tourism and/or other groups that are involved in developing amenities (Trails, Woodland walks etc.) that attract tourism. A Joint Policing Special Interest Group might be of interest to organisations who are concerned with matters such as Community Alert and/or Neighbourhood Watch programmes.

How will the Special Interest Group work?

The PPN-elected reps that sit on the Council committees will report back to the Special Interest Group on matters discussed at committee. Special Interest Groups will then have an opportunity to comment on these matters, through the PPN elected reps and to have a voice in the shaping of Council policy on these issues.

List of Special Interest Groups

  • Economic Development, Enterprise & Planning Strategic Policy Committee
  • Housing Policy Strategic Policy Committee
  • Sport
  • Youth
  • Community, Social, Cultural & Heritage Strategic Policy Committee
  • Active Retirement/Elderly
  • Tourism
  • Tidy Towns
  • Transportation, Environment & Emergency Services Strategic Policy Committee

  • Local Development

  • Policing

  • Disability

Register a Special Interest Group

* Please note you must register a group (below) before registering as a special interest group


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